Remover Solution for Keratin & Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions Remover for Keratin Bonds and Tape hair extensions

Designed for Keratin and Hot Glue Bonds. However this product works great on Tape and Liquid Adhesives. This product is Non-Oily and Fast Acting.

DIRECTIONS: Apply Solution over the are you wish to remove.wait for a minute,then begin working the bond loose.Apply solution if needed.

INGREDIENTS: Technical Grade Dimethylcarbinol,Mineral Oil,Propylene Glycol,FD&C Yellow 5,FD&C Blue 1.


Do not put near open flame,External use only.
Do not store over 120 degree.
Close Tip promptly after use.

QUANTITY: Extension Release 4 fl. oz.(118 ml) Drip-Top.

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